Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Presidential Dynasties: Nip It In The Bud

It’s official, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul are running for president. Okay by me, as they both meet my number one criteria for presidential candidates these days: neither is related to a former president or former presidential nominee (former presidential candidates who never stood a chance with their own party don’t count in this round).

Because really, does America need any more family dynasties?

Take Hillary for example: I see she just hired Lady M’s “image consultant.”

hillary mo

With her not only would we get more of the Bubba-sphere, butt now we’d get more of the Obama-sphere as well. Does America want to see Hilz on the Jimmy Fallon show performing the evolution of grandma dancing?

hill mo

And Bush 3? No. Just no. Besides, Jeb Bush thinks he’s “Hispanic” - which isn’t even a real thing, butt even if it was, does America really need another president of questionable heritage?

Which brings me to Meghan McCain; no she hasn’t announced that she’s running. I would just like to preempt the possibility In the event she considers it a future option. I think this Tweet alone should preclude any serious consideration:

megan mccain's global warming_thumb[1]

Meghan, Meghan, Meghan; did your father not explain the point of the phrase “question authority?”


And you do know that science is premised on the notion of questioning things you think you know for sure, don’t you?


No, of course you don’t;  you have a degree in art history. Which may qualify you to be a “personality” who Tweets about important things you know nothing about, butt does not quite measure up to presidential standards. Or at least it shouldn’t. However – and at the risk of being accused of being part of the War On Women (WOW) - I would volunteer that Meghan seems to have the fashion sense required to be a FLOTUS some day.

meghan mccain2WOW!

Because once you know what styles look good on you, you’re good to go. I have that on the authority of two former, highly successful FLOTUSes.

hill mo2

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