Sunday, June 21, 2015

Wake Up America: One Man’s Ceiling Is Another Man’s Floor

summertime country road

It’s official: the summer solstice arrives at 12:38 p.m. EDT. On this, the official Summer Solstice, I would like to wish everyone a wonderful and fruitful summer.


And speaking of berries, it’s a shame neither Barry nor his progeny will be home in the Big White to celebrate either the solstice or Fathers Day this year. Butt don’t let that spoil your day.

Because the Summer Solstice is here and that means that - once again - the hottest days of the year lie ahead, whether you believe the earth is warming due to my SUV or not.

summer-solstice-stonehengeWarning: hot daze ahead

And Happy Father’s day to everyone who is a dad, has a dad,  once had a dad, played one on TeeVee or slept in a Holiday Inn Express last night. Enjoy this double-dip day of celebration by either making future memories with your dad or enjoying the ones you have garnered over a lifetime.

I realize not everyone had the ideal Dad like those portrayed in these once-upon-a-time in a land far, far away TV shows:

best tv dads ever

Butt back then at least most dad’s still aspired to the ideal of fatherhood, rather than just being a baby-daddy.

baby daddy dna testing.2jpg

Of course that was in the way-back machine before the enlightened progressives shared their view of the world with America. You know, back before white men were deemed to be racist, sexist, stupid, inept and generally unnecessary in the modern world.


So thanks for that, Norman Lear, and Happy Father’s Day to you too!

lear family3Norman, with his (third) wife, Lyn and (third) family, 2002. Interesting trivia; wife #3 was born the same year as Norm’s first daughter.

So on the day that the sun reaches it’s highest point in the northern skies I leave you with this final thought to ponder: one man’s Summer Solstice is another man’s Winter Solstice.

aStonehenge_sun-photo-copyright-flickr-user-Simon-Wakefield-2008One Man’s Ceiling is Another Man’s Floor h/t Paul Simon

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