Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Another Culture Clash

Forget about the War on Women, there’s a new war in town and this time it’s serious: this time it’s a War on Pigs.


I’m not talking about Quentin Tarantino and all his little friends who have determined that the police are more dangerous to our health than criminals with their illegal guns.


If they wish to live in cop-free zones and see how well that works out for them, I say let them.

No, I’m talking about the War on Bacon. The WHO – that’s right, the World Health Organization, the group that reinvented Medicine as Social Justice – now tells us that bacon and sausage will cause cancer. It’s not as if they haven’t run this flag up the pole before, butt this time they have multiculturalism on their side.

l-dogs-pigPigs and Puppies: two things Muslims want to do away with, along with the rest of Western culture.

This War on Pigs might be considered an opening shot across Congress’ bow.


Others think the whole thing smells fishy:

Two weeks ago, the federal government took bacon off the menu in the prison system.Now the public is being told bacon causes cancer. Are you sensing a pattern here?


Butt what happens when progressive bacon lovers of the Western world are forced to choose between their conviction that black lives matter and their bacon? As we learned from Animal Farm, we may all be equal, butt some are more equal than others.

little black piggyAnd apparently some black lives matter more than others.

I predict a culture clash.

piggy supere powerpork

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