Friday, October 23, 2015

“I’m Worried Now, But I Won’t Be Worried Long.”

The one truth Hillary spoke yesterday:

hillary thinks about it all the time

Indeed, she has thought about how this mess might impact her ascendency to the presidency almost obsessively for over 3 years now.

151022122853-07-clinton-benghazi-1022-large-169“Oh yeah, I’m worried.”

And she has lost a lot of sleep worrying if her emails would be recovered.

Hillary-Clinton-221015_frame_2866“And tired; I’m very, very tired of all this worrying.”

And by the way, who do you little pissants think you are questioning my integrity?

Hillary1_w529_h352“Do you know who I am? Do you know what I’ve done?”

In what was a rather uncharacteristic display of Democratic bravado, Hillary resorted at one point to blaming the victim – heretofore a capital offense in progressive circles – by suggesting Ambassador Stevens was somehow responsible for his own demise. And then members of Hillary’s team on the committee did something no Democrat has done since before FDR - they expressed deep concern for the cost of something other than defense spending; Specifically, questioned the cost of the Benghazi investigation. 

In summary then: while Hillary may have been a bit worried prior to yesterday’s testimony, MSM consensus seems to be that nobody laid a glove on her. So we’re cool; no worries!


Because let’s face it – in the immortal words of that lovable little twit Tommy Vietor - “Dude, this was like two three years ago.”

So I’ve taken the liberty of selecting a tune that I think Hilz might want to consider for her official campaign song. I think it works better than Fleetwood Mac this time around; assuming she doesn’t consider the gender specific title to be a micro-aggression in the War on Women™.

A Worried Man – The Kingston Trio

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