Friday, March 4, 2016

What Weapon Did You Bring To The Dog Fight?

Wow, that was hard to watch, butt then, aren’t they all? These highly orchestrated political circuses need to be over like yesterday.

This was the 11lth, yes, 11th Republican debate. Do not try to tell me that the networks are running them as a public service; if that were the case they would be commercial free. And I don’t care which dog you had in the fight they didn’t do anything last night to make you a proud owner. Unless, that is, Kasich is your b**ch; at least he was the only dog that didn’t spend the whole night marking his territory. That may be due to his OCD that keeps him repeating his accomplishments as Governor of OHIO over and over again.

tail chasing

When you’re busy chasing your own tail, the other dogs don’t try to bite your face off.

Rubio kept yipping at Trump’s heels.


Trump kept redefined his flip-flopping as “flexibility,”

doggies do_Yoga_102409

Which might be okay on some issues, butt trust me Big Dog, it isn’t going to fly on immigration.

bigorlittle“H1B visas?  Ya, know that I’ve thought about it, we need some.”

Cruz tried to stay on message while still attempting to eat the Trumpster’s lunch.


Can we all agree we’ve seen enough of these dog fights and just get on to the serious business of choosing a pack leader?


If not, we’ll just go ahead without you, and you’ll have to catch up.


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