Sunday, April 17, 2016

Everything was going along fine until a big wind blew it over.

Bernie Sanders released his 2014 tax return last Friday.


He did so just ahead of Tax Day 2016 which is April 18th this year because April 15th is a federal holiday. No you didn’t miss anything, it’s a holiday celebrated only in Washington D.C., like so many things.


Not to be confused with the day President Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation which declared slaves in southern states free, April 16th marks the day Lincoln signed the District of Columbia Emancipation Act which freed all of D.C.’s slaves.

tax-slaveWell, not ALL slaves; because not all slaves are equal

Since the law dictates that IRS tax deadlines be adjusted according to DC holidays we all get till tomorrow to cough up what we owe the overlords and pay our way to prosperity.

deadline - Copy

Butt Bernie took the occasion to release his previous year’s taxes and it was revealed that the little man of the little people made $205,217 in 2014 and paid $27,653. That’s an effective tax rate of 13.4% which is considerably less than the average 28% that most of us pay. In fact, it’s even less that the 14-15% that Romney paid, which outraged many of our liberal brethren. No surprise there, selective outrage and hypocrisy being the grist of Progressivism.

outrage all day longSelective Outrage Served All Day Long!

Mind you, if Bernie somehow manages to become Chief Overlord he wants the rest of us to pay 90% of our income to pay for the free tuition he’s promised the Snowflakes, along with all the other free stuff.

Meanwhile he’s taking deductions of $8,946 for Unreimbursed Employee Meals and Entertainment Expenses. A true man of the people right there.

sharpton bernie sandersGetting some tips on selective outrage, and paying taxes, from the master

Does anyone else find it ironic that Washington D.C. celebrates the Emancipation Day holiday on what would otherwise be the IRS deadline for paying taxes?


Butt don’t worry, Bernie’s got a plan to end our slavery too:

bernie's free shit trees

What could possibly go wrong?

wyoming funnel clowd a big wind knocked it overn-MONEY-UNHAPPY-628x314Everything was going along fine until a big wind blew it over.

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