Sunday, April 3, 2016

We’re All Victims On This Bus; I Blame Bush

I see where Hillary blamed current voter anger and unrest on the George W. Bush recession, (some things never seem to get old);

And Trump warned that we’re headed towards another yuuge recession. Should that actually happen it will be blamed on George W. Bush too, as we’re not allowed to blame anything on American’s First Real Black President, or, by extension, any Democrat. To do so would clearly consist of a racist microaggresion – which in case you haven’t noticed is the new shorthand for the old  “dog whistle.” While the dog whistle proved useful in the past 2 presidential elections, it was time to replace it with something a little more generic.

oscar-meyer-weiner-whistle1_thumb[1]Warning! Choking hazard.

Something that could be expanded to include all victims, not just victims of racism. Hence, the multi-culti “microaggresion” was born. It can be used  generically to accuse a person or group of sexism/misogyny, homophobia, Islamophobia or any other phobia with a deserving victim group.

calvin as victim

And staunch Hillary supporter, Barbra Streisand, proves that anyone, with the proper progressive mindset, can cast themselves in the victim role. A new biography of Babs reveals the icon considered herself an unloved outsider her entire life, despite serial marriages/affairs with some of the sexiest men around: Elliot Gould, Jon Peters, Ryan O'Neal, Warren Beatty, Don Johnson, Kris Kristofferson, Pierre Trudeau, Andre Agassi – and maybe Bill Clinton, butt that wasn’t in the official biography. She finally found her one true love with James Brolin. It was an improbable match as she hitched up with a guy who may possibly be the only person as self-involved as her.

Barbra had been in therapy to help her become more self-aware and learn to acknowledge other's realities. [ed. learn to not treat them like dirt on your shoes]

Brolin had his issues of learning to emote and had been enrolled in a love and communication seminar where he learned to hug. [ed. Hug? Seriously? You’re an actor, how hard can it be?]

According to the biography Barbra blames her victimhood on her mother, her grandfather, her step-father, her school-mates – both male and female – her Brooklyn upbringing and most casting directors who didn’t immediately recognize her genius.

No wonder Babs is such a yuuge Hillary fan, they have a lot in common. Both felt unloved until they made millions of dollars, both are accused of being haughty, bossy and demanding, both were pathologically ambitious, and both treat people they no longer have any use for like dirt.

barbra-streisand-and-hillary-clintonHard to say who can out-haught whom

Come to think of it, Barbra would make the perfect running mate for Hill!

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