Saturday, May 21, 2016

Top Thirteen Reasons We Need Trump’s Ability To Say “You’re Fired”

Tyler O’Neil gives us a list of the Top Thirteen Incompetent Failures in the Obama Administration. I’m not sure how he narrowed it down, but here it is, presumably starting with the least of the incompetents and counting down to the most incompetent.

  • Ben "The Aspiring Novelist Who Became Obama's Foreign-Policy Guru" Rhodes. Makes sense he would land a gig with "the Aspiring Singer, Basketball Player, Community Organizer Who Became President.

bo sings basketball crys

  • Tommy “Dude, that was like 2 years ago” Vietor. The former press van driver who became National Security Council spokesman and special assistant to the president (and beer pong champion).
  • Eric Shinseki, retired 4-star general and wounded combat veteran named as head of the VA Administration. Since he’s a guy who would clearly fall on the sword if asked to, he was. Shinseki took the fall for all the incompetent bureaucrats gaming the system.

obama shinsenkiI love you this big, Eric!

  • Kathleen “someone lives, someone dies” Sebelius who oversaw the Obamacare implementation - perhaps the worst government program roll out of all times, and that’s saying something.


  • Lois “whoops, my computer crashed and erased all my emails!” Lerner. Although she retired - and after extensive investigation Justice determined that no criminal charges would be filed against her – she’s a natural for any future Hillary administration.
  • Janet “man-caused disasters” Napolitano.Former Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security who famously declared the Mexican/U.S. border to be as secure “as it ever was.” Currently President of the University of California, I’m sure the education you get there is also as good as it ever was too.


  • Former U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy “cash for clunkers” Geithner who couldn’t even do his own taxes correctly – with Turbo-Tax – was tasked with responsibility for a billion dollar stimulus plan. Having learned all there is to learn about crony capitalism he went on to become one.

tim-geithner-ben-monkey see monkey do dojpg

  • Eric “gun-runner” Holder. Former Attorney General who changed the race baiting industry from a private trust to a government owned and operated program. Pretty sure he’s now partaking from that trough as a victims advocate from the private side.

sharpton holder

  • Former Labor Secretary Hilda Solis – she actually managed one of the more minor scandals of the Obama Administration. Considering the level of her colleagues’ chicanery I’m not even sure she really deserves a place on this list.


  • Secretary of State John “our biggest problem is global warming”  Kerry has no better grasp of des Affaires étrangères than his predecessor did. ISIS thanks them both.


  • Former EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson – one of many high ranking people in the Obama Administration to use alternate email addresses to avoid discovery – was the first African American head of the EPA. You’ll not be surprised that during her tenure her top priority was “taking action on climate change.” Just another reason the department should be eliminated.


  • Gina McCarthy took over the reins at the EPA when Jackson left, and things just got better and better. Never mind the porn and sexual harassment scandals – everybody has them – butt then there was the embarrassing Animas River spill last August where the EPA accidentally released three million gallons of toxic sludge into a Western river system that flows through Utah and New Mexico. Estimated cleanup cost: $27.7 billion. Ouch!


And yet all we hear about is the Flint water crisis (Republican governor’s fault, although the Democrat City Council recommended and the EPA approved the water source switch). You really can’t shut down this dysfunctional agency fast enough.

  • And finally, Former Secretary of State and presumed Democrat Nominee for the Presidency, Hillary Clinton. Where does one begin with her? At the end? – the Russian uranium deal that lined the Clinton pockets? The Wall Street crony capitalism speeches that lined the Clinton pockets? Or at the beginning? Lying during the Nixon hearings, Whitewater, the Rose Law firm missing documents? Or in the middle, which is technically the only place the Obama Administration is culpable? There we find the egregious storage of classified email on an insecure server. And the Benghazi incident that should hound her to her grave.

So, when Donald Trump brags about how good he is at picking good people to handle things (and firing them when they don’t) maybe that’s no small qualification for running the country.

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