Sunday, August 21, 2016

Remembering One of the Things That Made America Great

Yesterday was the annual world famous car cruise that runs for miles along Woodward Avenue through multiple Detroit suburbs.


Officially just a one day event on the 3rd Saturday of August, in reality it’s a weeklong event that begins the weekend before. Vintage cars can be seen all week cruising up and down the strip, culminating in an endless parade on Saturday of approximately 45,000 cars from around the country and attracting about a million spectators.


Aside from a few fender benders I’m unaware of a single outbreak of violence. Talk about making America great again!

53 cadillac eldorado i like ike

What’s your favorite car from the past? If you don’t have one you can probably find one in Niki’s Gallery:

corvetteYeah, yeah, yeah. I know, old white guys.

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