Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Explainer-in-Chief Does What He Does Best

Bill Clinton recently updated his January 26, 1998 response to allegations that he had *ahem* sexual relations with “that woman,” Monica Lewinski:

It’s “the biggest load of bull I’ve ever heard,” said Hillary Clinton’s consort-of-sorts.

And that goes double for the accusations being recklessly hurled at Hillary by that FBI pimp, Comey:

 “They saw two little notes with a ‘C’ on it — this is the biggest load of bull I’ve ever heard — that were about telephone calls that she needed to make. The State Department typically puts a little ‘C’ on it to discourage people from discussing it in public in the event the secretary of state, whoever it is, doesn’t make a telephone call. Does that sound threatening to the national security to you?”

That’s good! Really good. No wonder Barry called Bubba “the explainer-in-chief” – he’s awesome! And it’s a good thing. ‘Cuz somebody’s gonna have a whole lot of ‘splainin to do around here.


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