Tuesday, September 20, 2016

America’s Last Black President Addresses the UN for the Last Time

Today is the last time Barry’s motorcade and entourage will foul up Manhattan traffic all day in order to address the United Nations General Assembly. It will be the last time as President he will be able to use the UN backdrop to apologize for America, chastise those who dare disagree with him, and lie with impunity – for the greater good of course.


It will be Barry’s last chance to use the UN pulpit to preach that terrorism is just a “war of narratives” and explain why we need to welcome even more “refugees” to our shores. Because, after all, they are just like you and me; they come for love.

terrorist hates america

I suspect he will not take the opportunity to address the mayhem the world has descended into since he took the reins of power in the Western world. Rather, expect our last Black President to note his historic record of achievements:

His historic accord on global warming, something he had to do on his own because of the do-nothing Congress. And because he promised that “this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.”

the-epa-spilled-1-million-gallons-of-waste-water-into-a-colorado-river--turning-it-orangeEPA Colorado river spill, on it’s way to Obama’s lowering oceans

His historic Russian reset:

putin obama

His historic Iranian nuclear deal that is certain to heal US/Iranian relations:

iran captures us sailors

His historic opening of Cuba along with the resultant healing:

President Obama’s “syrupy” words about brotherhood and shared history, and his call to leave behind the enmity of the past, were enough to give Cubans “a heart attack,” former president Fidel Castro said Monday in his first public response to Obama’s visit to Cuba last week.

“We don’t need any gifts from the empire,” Castro wrote in a scathing article, addressed to “Brother Obama” and published in Granma, the Cuban Communist Party newspaper

His historic, special Chinese ties:

no red carpet for you obama

And if he has any time left after all these bows he will trash-talk the people who are trying to undo his legacy  by Making America Great Again. By using profiling. And Walls. What a basket of deplorables.

netanyahu trump

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