Saturday, October 15, 2016

I Do Not Recall; and Neither Do You, Right?

Hillary Clinton used variations of 'I don't recall' 21 times when asked 25 questions under oath about how she deleted 33,000 State Department emails.

Sworn written testimony obtained by Judicial Watch show the Democratic presidential candidate dodged virtually all of the questions about the correspondences she removed from her private server while she was Secretary of State. - DM

Since he’s already lost his media bona fides, let’s have Matt Lauer pursue this series of brain freezes with Hillary Rodham, the smartest woman in the world:

“I do not recall” and Vinny wants you to have his watch to forget as well. 

Now, you may not recall what you had for lunch yesterday, you may not recall where you left your phone, and on a really bad day you may not even recall your own phone number. Butt seriously, don’t you think you might recall whether you “altered, destroyed, disclosed or used” any of your State Department emails? Or instructed anyone else to “alter, destroy, disclose or use” said email? Especially when you're famous for your steel trap brain?

Maybe Hillary just isn’t as qualified to be president as everyone thinks.

president think harder dumbassh/t Doug Powers

 "Hillary? God. Her instincts are suboptimal."wiki9572

So are her ethics, morals, values and integrity. And her memory’s not so hot either.

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