Friday, November 18, 2016

Keep On Trumping

People that Obama thinks should keep on talkin’ -

Anti-Trump protesters

BLM supporters

Illegal aliens:

Brits opposed to Brexit


Women who agree with him

People that Obama thinks should just shut up:

Trump supporters

BLM critics

People opposed to being overrun by illegal aliens

People opposed to Muslim terrorists entering the country

Women who don’t agree with him

Anyone, anywhere, any time who disagree with him

Let me reiterate: Barry really, really dislikes people who disagree with him, that includes his premise, his ideas, his policies - all of which are both right and just. And if you don’t agree with wealth re-distribution and open borders you are simply wrong, wrong wrong! And probably stupid. And you need to stop clinging to your guns and religion (assuming it’s not Islam) and just shut up.


And that’s why Barack Hussein Obama began his presidency with a worldwide apology tour for America. He intended to end it with a world-wide victory lap, butt Hillary and all the stupid people let him down so he was forced to turn it into a sour grapes tour. As such he took the opportunity to lecture Trump from abroad; telling him that “campaigning is different from governing” – although I’m not sure how he’d know – and that Mr. Trump would have to “stand up to Russia,” again, something Barry would know very little about.

You can interpret Barry’s earlier stop in Greece - the "cradle of democracy" - where he toured the Acropolis  one of two ways. Either as symbolic of a leader whose legacy is crumbling around him like the walls of the Parthenon:

obama ruins of acropolis

Or as an indication that the white columns still standing after 2500 years of wars and internal strife are emblematic of the strength of a republic based on the promise of democracy.

trump international chicagoTrump International Building, Chicago; a gleaming white column in the sky

Although there’s really no reason it couldn’t be symbolic of both.

trump tower

Keep on Trumping, people.


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