Monday, November 28, 2016

Only You Can Stop Californication

Seriously, it is approaching a month and leftists are still foaming at the mouth, coloring outside the lines, and diaper pinning their lapels. Frankly I think it would be more helpful if they used them to pin their yaps shut. Or maybe their noses.

double-nose-piercing-with-silver-stud-and-safetypin“I said, ‘stick a fork in it’ honey, but I guess that works too.”

And while the despair is felt everywhere you find a liberal, it’s perhaps worst in California.  Here’s a first-person account of what it’s like to be a conservative in America’s theme park for liberal hipsters these days:

The day was full of whining and bewilderment from the lawyers I work with, with much vulgar contempt for Trump voters…I kept my head down and did not say much.

I went out for lunch, and was astonished to see high schoolers marching under Mexican Flags, and “Pride” Flags on Market Street. In the actual street! My first thought was that this is no place for children, as Market Street has many bums urinating and young ladies openly injecting drugs into their arms. Who let them out of school?…

At the end of the day, I took the elevator down with silent strangers. There were hipsters, young people lucky enough to be employed in the new information (advertising?) economy, the new “masters of the universe”, able to afford San Francisco and things. At the last moment, a guy looking like Pajama Boy, but dressed for work in skin tight pants, cool shoes, untucked shirt and full brimmed hat,


announced, “dark times ahead”. Such is the wisdom of children…

Nose-crayola“No, hon, take the Crayola out of your nose and color in the pretty book, okay?”

My colleagues, lawyers all, informed and smart and good people almost all (I know, cue the guffaws) are reporting “massive voter suppression” in 33 states. Massive vote tampering, etc. (Fake news might actually be a real problem). A very handsome, elegant, black man with an impeccable British accent is reporting hostile glares and Uber discrimination on the streets of San Francisco! An Indian women is afraid of internment camps and trying to come up with an escape plan. The worst was a lawyer reporting to our boss that he had purchased a gun “to protect his minority friends”…  - Richochet

Actually San Francisco is different from the rest of the country only in respect to the homogeneity (as in milk, not gender preference) of their liberalism. All across America wherever Progressives gather the reaction has been the same. And as they always think they comprise the majority, who could possibly object to their spouting off over their deep despair, hatred for Trump and sense of loss?

I don’t know about the rest of the country butt this old joke (h/t Rodin) about France might explain California:

The Brits, Germans, Spanish and Italians all complained to God about His Creation: France. “Why,” they asked,”did He put so many wonderful things in France, while only putting a few good things in their own countries?” God responded that, “Yes, it is true that I put many wonderful things in France, but then I balanced it out by populating it with the French people.”

Californication 6 billboard

Remember, only you can stop Californication #trumpwon.

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