Monday, December 5, 2016

Trigger Warning! We’re All White Supremacists Now

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If we didn’t vote for Obama we were racists.

54da6cc13b644_-_2-obama-dooky-chase hot sauceTaking Obama’s picture with hot sauce - Microaggresion!

If we joined the Tea Party we were racists (and likely to be audited by the IRS).

tea party extemists

If we supported Herman Caine we were racists.


If we didn’t think Michelle Obama was a fashion icon it was because we were racists.

mo  cooper hewitt natl design - wow those mics look downright racist to meOkay - what tea party smartass put those racist mics on the podium?

If we objected to Obamacare, excuse me - the “Affordable Care Act” - we were racists. (even though we were right: Record-High Health Care Spending Hits $3.2 Trillion in 2015.)


If we objected to opening the borders to let illegal immigrants flood in to overrun our schools, our welfare system, our health care system, drive without insurance, live in the shadows and otherwise drain the treasury we were racists.


When we objected to Muslims flooding in the same way, we were called racists.

battle of tours france muslims vs racist islamophobes

And now the Left is surprised that being called racist has lost its sting? As we have all noticed, and Professor McWhorter pointed out, these “serious allegations” against the Deplorables had to be escalated to something even more deplorable: “white supremacism.”

“‘White supremacist’ is a new way of saying ‘racist’ while stepping around the steadily increasing awareness that that word, too, is being wielded in sloppy ways,” McWhorter explains. “Writing ‘white supremacist’ is a way of making the reader jump, in the way that ‘prejudiced’ and ‘racist’ once were.” 

So embrace it: “racist,” “alt-right,” “white supremacist,”  - all interchangeable, all here to stay until such time as they fail to work. And I think that time is fast approaching.


A small caution for the Progs; you keep pitching, we’ll keep swinging. Don’t be surprised it we smack one out of the park from time to time. And one of them could be the game-winning run.

Trigger Warning! Trigger Warning!

trump triggered

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