Thursday, January 26, 2017

#TrumpIsYourPresident. #IfYouDon’tLikeItFindAnotherCountry

The Left is gobsmacked over President Trump; not only is he doing what he said he would, he’s doing it at  warp speed. “Turbo Trump” as Carlyle dubbed him.

That’s incomprehensible to pols who are accustomed to spend their entire careers mired in the wonky debate of their ambitious intentions with no concern at all about ever making them work. That niggling detail is left to the bureaucrats.

friedman - judge by results not intentionsAnd it’s the Path to Serfdom

No wonder their heads are spinning in Trump’s wake:  they’ve never worked with someone who demands plans that require demonstrable results.

But again, good intentions – the only implementation plan of the Left - capture headlines. In fact good intentions are such an intrinsic aspect of Leftist policy that they often forget that there is anything more:

hashtag harf#SmartDiplomacy@StateDept

In the age of Good Intentions and Virtue Signaling hashtags can easily replace the hard of work of action.  But if hashtags worked we’d have gotten those 200 Nigerian school girls captured by Boko Haram back by now.

michelle-obama bring back our girls

And if hashtag campaigns worked… 

coulter bring back our country

We wouldn’t have had to go to all the trouble of electing President Trump now, would we?

In closing I have this message for all the Lefties out there, still marching, still protesting, still refusing to believe Donald Trump won:



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