Saturday, February 18, 2017

Here I Come Again Now Baby, Like a Dog In Heat**

There may be hope for my home state after all: There’s a rumor floating that both Kid Rock AND Ted Nugent could be candidates for the Senate in 2018.

nugent kid rock

They would be running against a(nother) truly horrible female Democrat Senator, Debbie Stabenow. That’s her in the middle, below, along with a D.C. pussy-Marcher on the left and Debbie Dingle, a Michigan U.S. Representative, on the right.

636223338942504713-Phoebe-and-the-DebbiesStick a pair of pink ears on her and she’s done.

She’s an ex-teacher who has been at the trough since winning her race in 2000, fighting against America every opportunity she gets. Needless to say she’s deep in the folds of the Teachers’ Union pockets and was dead-set against the confirmation of Betsy DeVos:

“Betsy DeVos and her family have a long record of pushing policies that I believe have seriously undermined public education in Michigan and failed our children.  Therefore, I cannot support (her).”

The “policies” she’s referring to that “have seriously undermined public education” are charter schools and school choice. Debbie (and the teachers’ union) are opposed of course, because Michigan public schools, particularly Detroit and Flint, are doing so well:

Detroit Public Schools have the worst test scores and graduation rates in the nation, but there are more problems plaguing the district.

Odd, isn’t it that Democrats are all about “choice” when it comes to babies, but dead set against it when it involves choosing what school your “choice” can go to.

Anyway, Nugent, like his friend Donald, isn’t afraid to speak his mind, as he did recently with The Daily Caller:

nugent trump

“I’m always very interested in making my country and the great state of Michigan great again and there is nothing I wouldn’t do to help in any way I possibly can,”

Posting this on his Facebook:

“If these GOP sonsabitches don’t get it right this time I will come charging in as the ultimate WE THE PISSED OFF PEOPLE Mr FixIt Consitutional firebreathing shitkicker candidate from hell!”

And like the Donald, he speaks plainly enough so that even the lone sock in the drawer can understand:

What sort of anti-American fool doesn’t believe we need secure borders?” and “What sort of Michael Moore freak sides with criminals instead of law enforcement heroes?” Nugent asked incredulously.

“Who on God’s good green earth can possibly support the redistribution of hard working Americans’ earnings to people unwilling to earn their own way?” he continued. “We the people are justifiably fed up with ‘Fedzilla’ and bureaucrats of every stripe,” he asserted.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Kid Rock, but come on, there is nothing like a straight talkin’ man:

I’m going to have to support the Motor City Madman purely for the entertainment value; his reasonable approach to life is just added value.

R.I.P. Debbie, cuz I got you in a stranglehold, baby**

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