Friday, March 10, 2017

Get Your Nappies Here Kids!

puppy sleeps with teddy bear

Two years ago James Madison University (Virginia) pioneered the Nap Nook: JMU has created the first ever “designated student napping center in a university setting.”


Perhaps this is a backlash against the move 15 years ago to eliminate their nap time in kindergarten. You know: like daylight savings time - cut the blanket off on one end and sew it on the other.

And now I see that Southern Illinois University is hosting “nap-ins” to “help students dream of diversity.”

PajamaBoy02Didn’t we already do that? And aren’t we diverse enough yet?

Anyway, I’m beginning to suspect that college stew-dents are napping when they should be attending Economics 101. How else do you explain their willingness to take on long term debt that they’ll be paying interest on for years in order to enjoy a one week hedonistic vacation on the beach? (Staggering Number Of College Students using Student Loans To Pay For Spring Break)

spring break

Where they will spend much of their time napping anyway.

Too bad they weren’t old enough to have participated in the the old Occupy Wall Street movement: vacation from school and plenty of nap time.

no you wake up_occupiers sleep

Could have killed two birds with one stone, debt free. Just don’t forget your safety pin.

And your nappies.


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