Sunday, April 23, 2017

Enough of This Crap, We’re Taking the Country Back

On March 30 the Venezuelan Supreme Court ruled that they could remove all of Congress’ constitutionally provided powers and assume them themselves:

Venezuela's Supreme Court ruled it can take over the powers of congress in what opponents of socialist President Nicolas Maduro as well as foreign governments denounced as the latest step toward installing a dictatorship in this South American nation.

In a decision late Wednesday, the magistrates said that as long as lawmakers remain in contempt of past court rulings nullifying all legislation coming out of the opposition-controlled National Assembly, the high court can step in and assume congressional duties itself.

Shortly thereafter they rescinded their ruling, at the request of President Maduro. Apparently the Dictator-in-Waiting decided that – given the level of protests from both within and  outside the country – he would go down one way or the other if he didn’t.

venezuela-politics-anti government protestsAnti-government in Venezuela

Do you see now why the Supreme Court is so important? And it’s especially nice if they are independent from the Executive Office and base their rulings on the country’s constitution rather than the president’s wishes.

But I digress; despite rescinding the order to go full-dictatorship the people have been escalating their demonstrations of displeasure. In fact they’ve grown quite violent.

23Venezuela2-1492867047230-superJumboIn Venezuela the police are allowed to shoot: with real bullets

This is possibly due to the fact that normal citizens have failed to thrive under the most recent version of communism being tried in Latin America.

recycled communism socialism

Maduro’s version started out like all the others: seizure of oil rigs, seizure of Nestlé chocolate plants, seizure of bakeries and ultimately the seizure of supermarkets when nobody had anything to eat. And the results so far are tracking history as well, with the entire country successfully losing weight on the Maduro Diet.

So just for good measure Maduro’s government seized the assets of a General Motors assembly plant last week:

GM called the expropriation of its factory “an illegal judicial seizure of its assets” and announced that it would cease operations in the country, where it employs nearly 2,700 workers.

Some speculated that this seizure had different motivations that the previous:

But the timing of the move also led to suspicions that Maduro may be looking to escalate tensions with the United States and blame his government’s struggles on a brewing confrontation with the Trump administration. Maduro claims that his opponents are colluding with U.S. authorities to overthrow him. – WaPo

puffy hillary“Forget it Nicolás, I tried that argument too and it didn’t do any good.” 

Even if, like Hillary, you have MSNBC on your side:

Because when you are completely, unequivocally morally bankrupt eventually the people figure it out and take their country back.

Good luck France, we can only hope that you follow the lead of Britain -


and the United States.


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