Sunday, April 2, 2017

Stay Healthy: Start Juicing

I’ve run thorough all the important news: one of those days calvin

obama not badNot bad when you’re getting marked on the curve.

Screen Capture #342

  • And then I saw that not-for-profit  Ivy League Universities - who hold private endowments of nearly $120 billion - are receiving billions of federal dollars annually for entitlements like Pell grants as well as research funding.

 Over a six-year period, Ivy League schools have received tens of billions in tax dollars, bringing in more money from taxpayers than from undergraduate student tuition. In fact, they received more federal cash than 16 state governments.

In order to provide critical research like a Wikipedia gender bias study,

my gender is no

provide safe spaces for snowflakes upset over the Trump win,

not my president resistance

and provide sanctuary campuses for illegals. Because, you know - no borders.

H17119Last time I looked the Ivy League schools were all private.


But I can’t really muster any interest in any of those stories today so I think I’ll take the day off and go work out at the gym. They have a great juice bar. And I suddenly feel the urge to get juiced.

lady at the gymDon’t worry, I won’t over do it.

You juice your way,5_TheDailyGreenJuice

I’ll juice mine.


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