Thursday, May 11, 2017

Gaslighting ‘R Us

Attention Americans: when you’re not being manipulated you’re being gaslighted.

Butt that’s okay, the looney left is so conditioned to watch and listen for the Pavlovian signals to indicate which way to the feed bag that they’d starve without proper direction from the media mavens.

sheep feedbag

Unfortunately they sometimes  get their signals crossed, as they did at the Colbert show the other night.

CBS Late Show host Stephen Colbert (of ‘cock holster’ infamy) informed his audience Tuesday evening at the taping of the Late Show of the then-breaking news that FBI Director James Comey had just been fired by President Donald Trump. Colbert’s liberal audience erupted in wild cheers at the news that their defeated 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s nemesis (over his handling of Clinton’s email investigation) was finally dealt justice.

Until their leader set their minds right:

A stunned Colbert rebuked the audience, waving a shaming finger at them and saying, “Huge, huge Donald Trump fans here tonight.”

The liberal sheep in the Colbert audience got the message and then proceeded to jeer Trump as Colbert went through a litany of remarks and jokes attacking Trump over the sudden firing of Comey–including a sex joke about Trump that was not as crude and profane as Colbert’s ‘Trump’s mouth is Putin’s cock holster‘ jibe. - The Gateway Pundit

And then again, sometimes they needn’t say a word in order to get their message out:

So please try to pay close attention in order to get your cues and respond appropriately.

In order to maintain their stranglehold on public opinion the Left deploys a unique 5-prong counter-resistance strategy against their arch enemies:  gaslighting, hyperbole, deceit, destruction and if all that fails, denial. In fact denial is an intrinsic aspect of living in the bubble:

Comey reportedly, though, told associates that he thought Trump was unlikely to fire him, believing his removal would make people revisit how he handled the probe into Hillary Clinton’s email server – in particular the announcement days before the election that they were reopening the investigation. Comey thought that treating his decisions as wrong would call into question Trump’s election victory.

That’s where hubris gets you: you begin to think you’re bullet-proof.

James-Comey-1-1280x720“You are hereby terminated and removed from office, effective immediately," aka, you’re fired.

And just because it’s good to keep your enemies in your site – and because it, unfortunately, never gets old:

Gaslighting  ‘R Us

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