Tuesday, May 30, 2017

“I Didn’t Graduate But I Did Give the Commencement Address!”

Who better than a 33 year old multi-billionaire college dropout - who stole his multi-billion dollar anti-social network ideafrom various Harvard classmate - to tell us how to “modernize democracy?” All you need do is create a universal basic income (spun out of the gold threads in the air). And isn’t that just the kind of magical thinking we need? The utopian kind, that defies human nature and ignores history.

0525_zuckerberg-grad-dufus-laureateMark Zuckerface, Harvard Dufus Laureate

Feel free to read the entire address, unremarkable in any way other than its naiveté and mediocrity.  Which leaves me wondering this about Mark Zuckerberg: if he’s so rich, why isn’t he smart?

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