Tuesday, August 15, 2017

“We Had To Destroy The Village In Order To Save It”

Never before have we seen such a naked display of the progressive’s philosophy of “by any means necessary.”


The Media/Deep State Complex has been in high gear since the presidential election of 2016, working to annihilate Trump and all the Deplorables that brought him to Washington. Joined by the Marxists amongst us they’ve become formidable.

If their Alinsky inspired soft coup is ultimately successful and they manage to oust the duly elected President  the official progressive text will claim they had to destroy the president in order to save the presidency.

destroy trump

Run by the tag team of a Deep State obstructionists, hardcore Marxists and orchestrated by the Deep State Media (DSM), the BAMN coalition is committed to taking down the democratic republic and replacing it with a banana republic run by thugs.

AFP_LC1TDAnd they wonder why we’re mad?

We sent Trump to Washington to clean up the mess and they just keep throwing garbage at us.


They’re the ones who’ve declared war. We need to stop them. By Any Means Necessary. There, I said it…and I mean it. And no, I’m not sorry. And I have no intention of engaging in “dialogue” with them.

mark twain stupid people

I’m going to go have some more covfefe and hatch a plan.

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