Thursday, September 14, 2017

Gravy, On Everything

Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi went to the White House to have dinner with President Trump last night.  Afterwards there were two versions of what they had: the Dems claim they had meat, no gravy. The President says they had meat with gravy on the side which the Dems refused because they were afraid it might have poison mushrooms in it.


So he’s saving the gravy for the next time they come to dinner.

The truth, as usual, is somewhere between; they actually had Chinese food with chocolate pie for dessert.

Cultural appropriation!! l_1543_beef-stir-fry-carrots-broccoli-CUT1

Microaggression! chocolate pie

Somebody call Deep State Media! It’s over, the Trump presidency is DEAD.

Again, in reality, the truth is somewhere in between and I for one don’t believe for a moment that President Trump intends to give up his gravy.


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