Monday, November 20, 2017

Everyone Should Contribute

Apparently a head charge for attending Grandma’s Thanksgiving dinner is now trending.

Some have given this idea a thumbs down but it looks like up-votes are trending among progressives. They say it’s not fair for one family to do all the work and pay all the freight; they think everyone should contribute. Too bad they don’t feel that way about taxes.

If they treated Thanksgiving the way they treat taxes your rich uncle would pay  80% of the cost of the meal (plus processing and handling), you and your hardworking middle class cousins would split the other 20% and your deadbeat relatives would each receive a “refundable credit” of $10 just for showing up. Because, you know, from each according to their means…

maxine thanksgiving

Oh, and I almost forgot: your deadbeat relatives won’t be required to help with the cleanup because that would be demeaning; they’ll be in the living room watching the Lions lose. The rest of you: get cranking, those pots aren’t going to scrub themselves.

mashed-potatoesAnd while you’re at it, don’t forget to give thanks for your white privilege

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