Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Boxing Day And All’s Right With the World

christmas gooseThe geese, making their escape just before Christmas dinner

Christmas day was a yuge celebration of life with Raj’s family, and by yuge I mean 44 of us representing 3 generations all gathered at what used to be Dad’s house. Of course the 3 generational gathering was a little bittersweet as last year’s celebration included a fourth generation. But life marches on, and now we are the older generation. If we can manage to pass on a modicum of the Greatest Generation’s wisdom I think the world will be okay. 

Now get about your Boxing Day chores and festivities. I think I’ll go back to bed for a bit. After 3 days of inter-generational immersion, life’s dramas great and small, and some really, really nasty winter driving yesterday on both the coming and the going I’m exhausted – in a good way.  I leave you with this much lovelier image of snow on the road, given to us a year ago from our own lovely Lili47, who I still worry about and miss. Thank you Lili, wherever you may be!

winter road from lili47

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