Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Draining the Swamp: Nobody Said It Would Be Easy. Or Quick.

So Roy Moore lost. I can deal with it. But the take away lesson is that Trump’s political instincts are better than Steve Bannon’s. Remember, Trump supported Moore’s Republican opponent Luther Strange. Yes, he may have been an “establishment” Republican but I’ll bet he a) would have won and b) voted with the Trump agenda most if not all of the time.

So thanks, Steve Bannon, for helping us get Trump elected but maybe it’s time you give him a chance to drain the swamp his way. He’s already pulled the plug, but it’s going to take awhile to get rid of all the scum.

dirty water draining

So let’s not further muddy the waters, if you know what I mean and I think you do.

It might be time to pull a few more plugs and add a little biological warfare to the mix.

scum c;e

UPDATE: I very seldom do this – change my mind or update a post – but after reading Ann Coulter’s column (I know, I know; some of you hate her but when she’s right she’s right. And she’s always funny.) I’m willing to give Steve Bannon another chance. Her whole column in a tweet: “Bannon is the least culpable! Order of blame: 1) McConnell; 2) Kushner; 3) Trump [August 15: Primary - Mo Brooks killed by those 3 ganging up on him]; August 18: Bannon leaves the White House, backs best of bad options.”

Plus, she has a recommendation for President Trump: get back to the only issue that really matters - immigration “Now that he’s tried everything else, can’t Trump try the issue that won him the election? We want to get tired of winning.” Yes, yes we do. Read the whole thing.

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