Thursday, January 4, 2018

From Racist Svengali To Media Superhero: It’s Called “Transitioning”

All it takes to go from goat to superhero with the mainstream media is a little Trump bashing. Ergo, yesterday’s white nationalist presidential Svengali, Steve Bannon… 


has morphed into today’s mutant Ninja white patriarchal hero – something a white male could previously do only by “transitioning” to an entirely new  gender.

416418724_4357990111001_caitlynjenner-espy 2015 winnerCaitlyn, 2015 winner of the ESPN Arthur Ashe Courage Award**

They might at least have the common decency to be embarrassed by their sudden adulation of Saint Bannon but that would be asking for some semblance of decency which is clearly beyond their ken.

Michael Wolff, who was apparently tapped to write about the first 100 days of Trump as he was given White House access, has not previously been held in high regard by the MSM. I suppose that could explain why he was chosen unwisely, it would seem, by Bannon himself, I would suspect. A questionable decision in retrospect.


Wolff has previously been bashed by none less than the Columbia (his alma mater) Journalism Review and referred to as “blunt,” “pathetic” and “calculating” by various sources. Of course being a pariah of MSM may have served in Wolff’s favor at the time Bannon tapped him for the assignment.

So brace yourself; it will be shark week, which generally runs for a month, commencing with the release of this book next week. This is good for the MSM as they haven’t had much new Russia! Russia! Russia! material for quite awhile now.

I am focusing on something that will not be good news for the MSM, also revealed in Wolff’s book: Peter Thiel Is Exploring The Creation Of A Conservative Cable News Network.

Sources say the billionaire has engaged the wealthy Mercer family about the endeavor. According to a new book, Thiel also explored plans to create a Fox News competitor with the late Roger Ailes.

I would suggest they not hire Steve Bannon.

** Runner up to Caitlyn Jenner:

runner up to caitlyn jenner for ESPY

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