Friday, February 9, 2018

FLOTUS Friday: Bare Gams Edition

the Dow is down! No, the Dow is up! No, wait – it’s down!

The government’s shut! No, the government’s open!


Let’s just move immediately to FLOTUS Friday.


She’s like a bright, sunny day after a week of gray skies. I grow weary of people demanding she be more than that. I for one am quite happy she doesn’t “use her platform” as the angry liberals think she should to advance their causes.

Although I will confess, I would not be unhappy if she could use her position (and her phenomenal legs) to return hosiery to their proper place in a woman’s wardrobe. Because the bare-legged craze of the past two decades is simply the stupidest north of the equator fashion trend since padded shoulders.

48E9534000000578-5354089-The_first_couple_give_each_other_a_look_as_reporters_watch_them_-a-91_1517873735986 Because let’s face it: few women have Melania’s gams.

And even if you believe in global warming with all your heart, your own weather gurus admit that we’re in for at least a few decades of global cooling. And I remember from my saddle shoe days that bare legs are very uncomfortable in the middle of a blizzard.

Saddle Shoes in Their Highest Popularity Period (13)Pinterest: is there anything you can’t find there?

Answer: no


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