Tuesday, April 17, 2018

So Cheap You Can’t Afford to Meter It

While the wheels of justice turn slowly (just in: Cohen can review seized docs but judge will decide who vets what investigators can see) the economic engine just keeps rolling along:

trump train3

Kroger sweetens employee benefits as it moves to ramp up hiring

Kroger announced Monday new investments in employee benefits, education and wages as retailers across the board are spending more on their employees to keep pace in a tighter labor market.

Last week, Kroger said it planned to hire for 11,000 new positions, including 2,000 management roles. At that time, it said would invest $500 million in associate wages and training and development over the next three years.

The grocer has attributed the investments to more funds as result of recent tax law changes.

I know, I know - it’s Kroger: and it’s just crumbs. But it is a darned sight better than the economic news that  emerged routinely during the Obama Occupation. In fact, 8 more years of Obama-era policy and we might be reporting the same kind of news as Venezuela’s:

How Venezuela has resorted to importing oil as its core industry faces collapse

Despite having the greatest oil reserves in the world, Venezuela’s government is being forced to spend millions of dollars a day importing crude to prop up its ailing industry.

“One of the craziest things is that a part of Venezuela’s imports is for the domestic market, but given its price, they practically give gasoline away for free. They are importing barrels that cost $80 to $90 and selling them at $0.”

It’s known as late-stage socialism which, as the Iron Lady said, fails - Every. Single. Time. It’s. Tried.


But surprisingly that never seems to stop people from giving it another try.

sanders plan for free electricityElectricity so cheap you can’t afford to meter it!

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