Friday, August 10, 2018

#FLOTUSFriday: You’ve Come a Long Way Baby!

Here’s the deal: My 8 month old computer has been shipped off to the black hole to be “fixed.” It had developed a “ghost screen,” diagnosed by HP computer geeks after hours-long dialog with Raj, my own personal computer geek. No fix available, needs it’s screen replaced.

So here I am, working on a 7 year old computer, which is about 1096 in human terms, that responds so slowly that I could create diamonds waiting for it. My ADD brain does not deal well with this so until further notice, I really will be on sabbatical with quick links/pics/or re-runs.

Here’s today’s #FLOTUSFriday drive-by: Melania at a business dinner with the President at his Bedminster, NJ golf resort on August 7.  She is the first FLOTUS universally despised by the Left - based not on her own personality, accomplishments, characteristics or beliefs, but on her husband’s.


I’m so old that I remember when that sort of thing was considered sexist. Way to go Lefty-feminists; you’ve really come a long way baby!

Remind me again why they call themselves “progressives.”


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