Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Free Falling. Enjoy the Trip.

Feminism has devolved from a quest to level the playing field in work, education, and money access, to a Bitchy insistence that Womyn are the Queens of the Universe, and ALL MEN should Bow Down to Them. – The Declination

Accordingly, they celebrate when the likes of privileged white males like John Mayer -  crooner of Coffee Shoppe genre ballads like Your Body Is A Wonderland and Love on the Weekend – do so. Indeed, at age 40 the womanizing singer has found the New Left Religion of Womyn. The perpetually adolescent jerk has been woke, he now wants you to reject the “bulls**t alpha-male contract.”

katy perry john mayer obama inaugeral partyJohn Mayer with Katy Perry at Obama’s 2013 after-inaugural party

Whatever that is; this drug-addled, sex-crazed moron wants you to reject it while, I assure you, he will not. Too bad his parents never bothered to teach him how to use the rest of his brain to control his lizard brainstem.


Congratulations leftists: this is the kind of “support” you’ll continue to win over to your agenda - privileged moronic punks like John Mayor. Just remember that for every idiot you add to your side another independent thinking man or woman is likely to find themselves landing squarely in the other column:

“Something about the Kavanaugh circus these past two weeks, however, made me reconsider staying on the sidelines. The new low in political gamesmanship disturbed me. Don’t like a nominee’s jurisprudence? Leak an allegation prior to the vote. Demand the accuser’s sex be taken more seriously than the evidence. Tell a woman who shows emotion she is brave, but accuse a man who shows emotion of lacking judgement.”

“Consider the accused guilty until proven innocent. Judge a sober, middle-aged adult by his teen beer consumption. Insist on an FBI investigation then dismiss its findings because they don’t support the narrative. Demand that the opinion of enraged activists and Hollywood actors count more than weeks of hearings. Mob the capitol. Make Kavanaugh atone for every sexual assault that has gone unpunished. Consider revenge an acceptable substitute for justice whose recipient need not be guilty, just available.”  - The Federalist

Although he stole the song from Tom Petty, the sentiment as sung by the “woke” John Mayer pretty much sums up the Left’s current projectile:  “free falling.” Enjoy the trip.