Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Michigan: At Least We’re Not All Detroit

I know the frock Governor Gretchen Whitmer wore for her first State of the State address was discussed briefly around here the other day. She in turn has criticized the FOX2 Detroit for doing a story on the social media commentary about it. Maybe it’s not fair, but hey, that’s the way it goes; if you don’t want people talking about your clothes don’t wear clothes that scream “LOOK AT ME!”

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My mother always told me that if you wanted to be taken seriously, dress accordingly. Gretchen’s mother must have told her not to hide her talents under a bushel.

I only mention this again because Gretchen’s back in the news, this time wanting to be taken seriously. She blocked the sale of a prison in Ionia that had been shuttered for more than a decade to a private company that was going to convert it to a facility to detain immigrants waiting to be processed. The sale was authorized by her Republican predecessor but Whitmer put the decision under review. Her spokesperson said that since the facility owners could not guarantee that it would not be used to detain adults who had been separated from their children the Governor decided to nix the deal. That mothballs the facility back to the Michigan Land Bank – because that’s a better use of State assets than creating 250 good jobs and keeping potential criminals off the streets.

"The governor believes that building more detention facilities won't solve our immigration crisis, and she also believes that separating families doesn't reflect our Michigan values."  Detroit News

I wonder if she’s aware that Michigan voted for President Trump? On the other hand, with the help of all of the state’s illegal immigrants, it did turn around and voted for Whitmer in 2018. So who knows, maybe the state will  vote for newly announced socialist candidate Bernie Sanders in 2020. Then we can all be Detroit again. Yay!

At least we’re not Cleveland.

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