Monday, April 15, 2019

If You Don’t Know Who the Idiot Is, It’s You

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I’m so old I remember when the Left was outraged to the point of hysteria by a comment made by Rush Limbaugh made about Barack Hussein Obama –“I hope he fails.” Although he was clearly speaking of the policies he intended to implement in order to “fundamentally transform America” the left screamed for Rush’s head, accused him of everything from perfidy to sedition. Incivility had already crept into the body politic with the Bush era but now we had irreconcilable sectarianism. It was the beginning of a new political nontolerance movement. That point at which working through differences became insurmountable and disagreeing with the opposition progressed from being considered obstructionist to being treasonous. 

Except it doesn’t work that way when the Left opposes Trump. That’s different because, shut up.

The Left is free to not only hope Trump fails but to actively form a Resistance Movement - that includes most of the Mainstream Media - dedicated to taking him down.

The Resistance is so strong that they can even take good news for America and create a false narrative to make it bad. Take the 2017 tax cut for example: despite the fact nearly everyone in the country who pays taxes got a tax cut MSM has convinced you otherwise. Headlines blare about “Tax Returns Are Lower This Year” and celebrities with marginal knowledge of math and economics use their social media platforms to help spread the lie.

OMG! That means the government withheld $6 BILLION (!) less from peoples paychecks! Six BILLION dollars that they, instead of the government, got to use all year. You do know that this means there was $6 BILLION more circulating in the economy, Making America Great Again, right? And you do know that tax withholding was never intended as a personal savings plan, right?

No, I didn’t think so. You only know what the propagandists want you to know.

That’s why they love influential idiots like you; you do their work for them. Yes, you are the useful idiots.

Sometimes even the propagandists are forced to tell the truth:

And that’s how it works: after two years of promoting and spreading disinformation about the Trump tax cuts the fake news false narrative has taken root and now most Americans believe it. You can’t not claim objectivity by filing one tweet setting the record straight.

I reject your cynicism. If you are going to practice sedition at least have the decency to do it honestly.