Thursday, May 23, 2019

If There’s No Crime, There’s Always the Coverup

Because it’s not the crime…it’s the coverup.

Today’s zeitgeist dictates that once it has been established that no crime was committed you must work double plus good to uncover the coverup. If your rational brain can’t wrap itself around that construct let Madam Speaker explain:

"The fact is, in plain sight, in the public domain, this president is obstructing justice and he's engaged in a cover-up. And that could be an impeachable offense." – Nancy Pelosi, The Hill 

Nancy and her caucus of merry men and womyn are not the only ones who believe this with all their black hearts. The media is totally on board as well.

You may recall that the media first became enshrined as gods and powerbrokers as a result of Watergate, the scandal destined to take President Nixon down. Journalist types liked the taste of that kind of power – no, they loved it, became addicted to it as tyrants always do.

What may have started out as a noble effort grew into another grab for sheer raw power and the control that came with it. The media have subsequently used their power to advance their agenda and have attempted to take down every Republican president since – by any means necessary.

With Trump they finally thought they would be successful. He was to be the target that finally allowed them to bring the full force and authority of their power to bear and restore themselves as America’s avenging angel. When Plan A failed (thwart his candidacy and give the rubes another milk toast candidate to lose to Hillary) Plan B grew vicious. Resist, resist, resist and j'accuse. Undermine, undercut and annihilate him and his presidency. They would need help and they turned to the same source they used in Watergate: the intelligence community.

That’s right. There would have been no Watergate without Deep Throat. And after 30 years of Bob Woodward’s denial that his source was someone from the intelligence community it turned out that Deep Throat was none other than W. Mark Felt -  FBI Associate Director, #2 guy, at the time.

So let nobody be surprised when we confirm that the media conspired with the FBI, CIA and other Judicial Department agencies to take down the sitting president. Because facts be damned, they’ve got a job to do.

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There’s your collusion right there, J. Edgar.

“There's this old line the wise folks in Washington have that ‘it's not the crime, but the cover-up.’ But only fools believe that.

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It's always about the crime. The whole point of the cover-up is that a full revelation of the underlying crime is not survivable.”

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