Friday, August 16, 2019

#Flashback Friday: Nothing Was the Same After Woodstock

It looks like #TBT was a hit. And social media chatter to the contrary I still believe Tucker has simply gone fishing.

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Which means it’s still summer, although look out, it’s going fast.

Therefore - as chief blog functionary – I hereby declare today officially a follow-on to #TBT…which is to say, Flashback Friday (#FBF). What’s the difference? Duh, it’s Friday.

Do feel free to discuss the NYT gear-grinding shift out of Russia, Russia, Russia! into Racist, Racist, Racist!! if you like. Or chortle over Israel’s masterful  b***h-slapping of a couple of anti-Semite b*****s if you’re in the mood for a feel good story. Just don’t forget to include the part about Israel’s humanitarian decision to reverse their ban on hate-mongering Rashida after she groveled for permission to visit granny one last time.

But for my last few weeks of summer joy I choose to focus on #FBF fashions. I always looked forward to the yuge August issues of such luminary bibles of back-to-school trends as Seventeen, Glamour, Mademoiselle and Vogue. What a glorious time to be young! And need back-to-school clothes.

Such fabulous fashion from the likes of Garland:

John Meyer of Norway:



This is what coeds wore in the 60’s, a Villager pintucked, belted shirtwaist sheath dress:

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But hey, these are cute too, from the 2019 collection:

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And not to leave the guys out: men’s fashion in the way-back was fun too:

Related imageBehold, the roots of soy-boy

Oy! Something took a wrong turn in the 70s and seemingly never looked back. After the Summer of Love innocent young love never quite seemed the same.

Nor did the cars.

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Nothing was the same after Woodstock. Pity, really.