Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Striking a Pose

Donald Trump’s economy is booming. So the UAW decided to call a nationwide strike against GM.

Randolph Walker cheers on motorist as they blow their horns in support of the strike at GM's Powertrain Plant in Warren in 2007.

They’re demanding the same things they’ve been demanding for as long as I can remember: higher wages, better pension, better job security, better healthcare (what’s wrong with Obamacare?!), and better profit sharing.

The Dems will all be onboard, since they always side with the ‘little guy.’ In this case the little guys who build cars for a living - the same cars the Dems’ Green New Deal wants you not to buy, not to  drive and when elected they plan to outlaw, along with planes and cows.

So giddy up, cowboys.

Image result for giddy up

You’re gonna need a lot more horsepower.