Monday, October 28, 2019

Governor Newsom Speaks Newspeak

Tweet from Governor Newsom’s office:

You didn’t expect him to call them blackouts did you? Or brownouts?

Response was immediate. Even from normally like-minded allies.

Tweet from Seth Mandel of the Washington Examiner:

Power to the People!

Except of course in states that spend all of your money on electric trains to nowhere, subsidies for wind, solar and electric car (that run on, duh, electricity) companies instead of proper oversight of your Public Service Commission that is supposed to be providing oversight of the state’s public utility companies. In case I’m unclear: oversight would include verifying that the monopolistic companies are providing proper powerline maintenance/clearance to ensure their ability to provide customers with ongoing, uninterrupted power supply.

Image result for california train to nowherePart of the currently abandoned multi-multi-billion $ train-to-nowhere. Might have been better off spending all that money to build a wall and clearing utility powerlines.

“From ‘green energy revolution’ to "’de-energization’” (H/T Password is Taco) in just one administration! Remarkable! Governor Newsom speaks Newspeak, and he wants you to as well. Do. Not. Comply.