Saturday, January 18, 2020

Caterday: Preppy Edition

What!? It’s Caturday again already? I’m calling for an international slow-down as I’m no longer able to keep up.

As Sid Able (RIP), beloved Detroit Red Wings announcer, used to announce when a time out was called: “we’ve a pause in the action.”  That’s what I need.

Let’s make it a really big paws 

Carry on as you wish, but I’m not going to push my luck with this backup computer after it’s complete malfunction-junction meltdown the other day. But please: no costumed felines.

If cats were supposed to sport preppy haberdashery they’d all be called Chatsworth T. Osborne Jr. (h/t el Rushbo).

Tucker Carlson

Bow ties look silly on everyone - and I say this as a woman who once sported this bizarre fashion look in the 80s in order to be taken “seriously” in the office.

Image result for woman wearing power suits with bow ties in the 80sPrincess Di steps out in her bow-tied tux

Even the Ginger Prince’s Mum looked silly.

So don’t do this to your cat, they will resent it. And trust me, they will find a way to get even.