Sunday, January 5, 2020

Everything’s Gotten Better Except Computers…and Democrats

In case you have forgotten - or didn’t need to take note at the time - I would like to remind you again to never, ever buy a HP computer. I’m having another (major) computer problem. Less than 2 years old and I’ve already had it repaired once (to no avail) and then replaced under warranty. The new one worked for 8 months until this recent snafu. All of my issues have a common thread: drivers that will not load or load incorrectly. I’m as far from a techy as you could imagine and if I can diagnose the commonality in what is obviously an ongoing problem with their very expensive computer why can’t they fix it?

I can’t send it in for repair until we arrive in Park City sometime in the near future so until then I will have use my old computer which was having its own problems or I wouldn’t have replaced it in the first place. All of which is a long way of saying posts will be short for the foreseeable future as both my computers have gone berserk. If I didn’t know better I’d think they were Democrats.

Image result for calvin hobbes computersNewsflash: they already have.

It would be nice if an under 2 year old computer could work half as well as an over 50 year old camera. I know, I know: they’re much more complicated.

On an objective basis, and despite all my griping, most things have actually gotten better over the past half century or so. But it is important to identify the exceptions.