Thursday, January 16, 2020

Throwback Thursday: Trump Flushes Away Yesterday’s Environmental Restrictions

Remember when dishwashers actually cleaned your dishes? Toilets required only one flush? And faucets had more pressure than an IV drip? Well so does President Trump. Here he is, at the rally on Tuesday, addressing all of the above…plus showerhead pressure. If you’ve recently redone your kitchen/ bathroom or have checked into newer hotels you have firsthand experience with that of which the President speaks.

Democrats think the country is held in thrall by their impeachment antics but in fact real people are far more concerned with government intrusion into every aspect of their lives, dictating everything from what kind of lightbulbs they can buy to how much water they can use while brushing their teeth. But the elite can’t relate, they can only ridicule.

Trumps bizarre rant about toilets and dishwashers might be his strangest moment yet

Donald Trump has a history of going on bizarre rants about all kinds of stuff but he arguably reached his apex on Tuesday evening.

At a rally in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, which was taking place at the same time as the Democratic debate, the president spoke at length about household appliances such as toilets, dishwaters and lightbulbs.

With his adoring supporters cheering him on, Trump talked about his administrations plans to block a requirement on all Americans to use energy-efficient light bulbs, which he believes gives him an orange hue. - UK Independent

Their studied refusal to understand the President’s point regarding environmental regulatory overreach will cost them the election. Which is a shame as they’d much prefer someone willing to impose draconian energy restrictions on regular citizens in order to stop the earth from getting warmer. Poor darlings, they’re going to have another 4 year sad.

Funny thing, people seem to have strong preferences about lighting. Including the Democrats’ own lightbringer who never used “energy saving” lightbulbs and was not overly concerned about saving energy when it came to his own charismatic appearances.

But  yes, Trump’s the bizarre one.