Saturday, March 28, 2020

Wuhan Coronavirus: the Real Chinese Curse

Here’s a partial list of people/groups that have proved themselves unworthy as we navigate through the  waters of the Chinese Curse:

Media: (too many examples to mention and apparently the American public agrees.)

When the Babylon Bee is just as believable as any mainstream outlet you might have a problem.

Politicians: (too many examples to mention but here’s a classic from a classless has-been)

Democrat politicians in particular: (way too many to mention but here are two Freshman Reps doing jazz hands on the Floor to make the most of their facetime)

AOC gives fiery floor speech denouncing coronavirus stimulus ...Freshman Democrat Haley Stevens yells on House floor before ...Sorry to say the idiot on the bottom is my Rep

China ((too many examples to mention but here’s one anyway)

After infecting the world with Wuhan coronavirus, China now demands that the world apologize to them.

China’s embassy in Denmark has demanded an apology from daily Jyllands-Posten after it published a cartoon of the Chinese flag with its five yellow stars represented by coronavirus particles. - NYP

A cartoon of the coronavirus depicted as part of the Chinese national flag, is pictured in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten.Who do they think they are anyway, Muslim terrorists?

But for some real first rate propaganda (pay attention MSM and Democrats) there’s nothing like the CCP’s official propaganda arm, the Nightly News (just like here).

So when the headline reads “US becomes the first country to reach 100,000 confirmed coronavirus cases” remember that the actual headline is “US becomes the first country to report 100,000 confirmed coronavirus cases” because China stopped reporting cases weeks ago.

But stop saying that because…racist!

Pro-tip of the day:

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Interesting note: this Calvin and Hobbes cartoon was originally published on November 29, 1995. Twenty five years later, it’s still as pertinent as ever.

Calvin and Hobbes Comic Strip for November 29, 1995