Saturday, May 9, 2020

Goodness Hardly Puts Up A Fight

Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson for June 23, 1989 | Calvin and ...It does matter who created this mess

I can’t decide what upsets me most. Is it that the FBI/Deep State set Michael Flynn up, drove him to bankruptcy - then threatened to do the same to his son - in order to pressure him to confess to a crime they knew he didn’t commit?

Or is it the predictable, uniform and slanderous response from the entire Democrat/Media cabal: claims that dismissing charges against General Flynn is the real miscarriage of justice? That THIS is indicative of the weaponization of the DOJ rather than the set up of an innocent man in order to get at his boss? Their audacity knows no bounds. One need only read the transcripts, view the notes in the margins of their own reports, to see that this was pure and simply a case of entrapment, which is to say judicial misconduct of the highest order. Prosecutorial over-reach of the worst sort.

Still, the most egregious of these two evils is the first. One simply cannot live in a free country when the judicial branch is allowed to get away with this type of malfeasance. When you can’t count on your liberty because of judicial thuggery the concept of freedom  falls apart. And let’s be clear, this tactic is business as usual in the justice system. Just ask Martha Stewart.

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The worst of it is the DOJ has come to rely on these tactics in order to “get their man” whether their man is guilty of a crime or not. Justice is supposed to be blind, it’s not intended to protect the guilty if they are on your team and hang the innocent it they are not.

The DOJ needs to be reminded of their original purpose. They seem to have forgotten that the law, not them, determines who the good guys and bad guys are. But it’s a lot easier to prosecute the good guys, they usually don’t put up much of a fight.