Sunday, November 1, 2020

Reflect On This

I’m sticking with my call of Michigan for Trump but I’m not going to lie to you, the number of Biden signs cropping up over the past 2 weeks is distressing. They have sprouted up all over suburbia, including my very own neighborhood proving that doubling down on stupid is a real thing.

It’s evident everywhere. Take Halloween for example. I expected fewer than usual trick-or-treaters (between 50-70, weather dependent) but last night we had exactly…12. And half of them were the the 2 kids who live across the street and their 4 visiting cousins.

Halloween events still happening around Seattle amid COVID-19Sad day when lack of social distancing becomes the scariest thing about Halloween

To be clear, Michigan has always had a huge Democrat grass roots campaigning mob; this year they’ve had nothing to work with other than COVID-a-phobia and an insistence that it’s all Trump’s fault. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that they’re working the suburbs like crazy where they assume – correctly so it would seem – moms remain very concerned about a virus that pretty much leaves school-aged kids unscathed.

And again, the number of campaign stops both Obama, with his lackey Joey, and President Trump are making in Michigan during this last week means the state is still too close to call. As Rush has said for months, the polls will start to tighten as we get closer to the election. Like this, in Arizona:

Michael Moore not withstanding, polls still indicate Biden up by 10+ points in Michigan, but as I said, I’m sticking with my prognostication. I just feel it in my bones. Plus, the President’s very last campaign stop on November 2nd will once again be in Grand Rapids at 10:30 pm – and since they always run a couple hours late at the end of the day that means it will actually be after midnight, technically election day. Just like last time. And our president is looking amazingly strong for a man who was suffering from COVID – the hobgoblin of the Democrats’ campaign against him – just 3 weeks ago.

President Trump arrives for rally in Lansing, MI October 27, 2020

I choose to reflect on that these last 2 days.