Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Our Long Dystopian Nightmare of Suspended Animation

Is it just me or does anyone else feel themselves in a state of suspended animation?

Like in Sleeper where Miles Monroe, the amateur clarinetist and fulltime neurotic, wakes up in the 22nd century from a 200-year bout of suspended animation to discover America has turned into a totalitarian police state. Hijinks ensue.

Miles: What kind of government you guys got here? This is worse than California!

The majority of society is comprised of conformists who look to The Leader for direction and guidance. But a band of underground anti-government radicals resuscitate Miles in hopes that – because he doesn’t exist as far as the regime's new bio-surveillance technology is concerned – he can infiltrate the government Aires project and foment revolution.

That’s a lot to ask of an apolitical, self-involved, nebbish, former health food store owner who doesn’t believe in anything other than sex and death.

Not politics:

Miles Monroe: Political solutions don't work. I told you that. It doesn't matter who's up there. They're all terrible.

Or science:

Mae's Food Blog: Woody Allen's Robot Makes PuddingMiles: I don't believe in science. I'm - you know, science is an intellectual dead end, you know? It's a lot of little guys in tweed suits cutting up frogs on foundation grants.

Or God:

Miles Monroe : Do you believe in God?

Luna Schlosser : Well, I believe that - that there's somebody out there who watches over us.

Miles Monroe : Unfortunately, it's the government. 

Miles Monroe: This is what I call a cosmic screwing!

So please God, can we see some action from the Supreme Court soon on all of this election fraud? I would really like this dystopian nightmare of suspended animation to come to an end one way or another.