Friday, January 8, 2021

No Justice, No Peace. We Didn’t Make the Rules, Alinsky Did

“The army of the emboldened and gleefully ill-informed is growing.”
― Andrew Breitbart

 riot language Martin Luther King Jr., 1968

I woke up today angrier than yesterday, and angrier than the day before that. This has been going on so long you’d think we’d all have reached the final stage of the grief cycle by now. Thankfully no, many of us still have a fire burning in our belly and are still squarely entrenched in the “anger” stage with no intention of allowing it to abate. In seems righteous.


Sarah Hoyt comes closest to expressing my feelings, albeit with a lot more youthful, uh, vigor, in her article Attention Please!

Over and over again, you condemn Trump and the “rioters.”

NO ONE RIOTED. Not compared to this summer. THERE WERE NO RIOTS. And the protesters were treated with an iron fist and live ammo, btw…

But they vandalized Nancy Pelosi’s office! Oh, my stars and garters? Evil people. Was that before or after she vandalized our constitution and sank a knife in the heart of the republic? Is the evil bitch dangling from a lamppost this morning? No? They were civilized beyond all hope…

But Sarah, you’ll say, this will give them the excuse to avenge themselves on us.

Dear idiots, you’re like the wife with her arm in a sling and both eyes blackened telling her husband “Please don’t say anything to Joe. He’ll be mad.”

In other words, are you out of your ever loving little minds? These people STOLE two elections — it’s now absolutely obvious the nominal right is fine with this. They hope for crumbs from their masters’ tables. The left is more likely to kill them, but never mind — in a row, in full view, and refused to let us have our day in court to show the evidence. Because the American people are now peons with NO STANDING and can be disenfranchised with no punishment. But you’re afraid that largely (truly) peaceful protesters “made them mad?”

Withdrawing the objection to the fraudulent votes due to the riot? That only makes sense in the mind of an abuser. “I stole your thing, and I was going to maybe give it back, but you cried, so now you don’t get it back.” Are you all actually out of your ever loving minds to blame the protesters and Trump for this?

These people are saying “You peasants dared to show up in our presence. We’re now going to take away even the illusion of franchise.” And…. you’re cool with this? It’s the protesters fault?

Beyond this point the article grows darkly dystopian (Hoyt is a writer of science fiction) so I’d advise you read it only if you are ready to move into the “depression” stage of grief. Me, I’m still blazing angry so allow me to switch over to Nick Freitas, member of the Virginia House of Delegates:

For months, we have watched as politicians, the media, academia, and other political and cultural institutions have either been silent or given approval to rioting, destruction of private property and the harming of innocent people under the auspices of achieving “justice”. Some of those same politicians, reporters and professors are now shocked when another group of people have decided that their concerns over injustice warrant a similar response.

acceptable violence and riots

You cannot act in such a way that diminishes people’s faith in processes and institutions and then act surprised when people turn on those processes and institutions. If you claim that the system is irrevocably rigged, racist, sexist, bigoted, you do not get to then turn around and appeal to those processes and institutions for the peaceful adjudication of problems. And yet that is exactly what many in positions of influence have done. Simultaneously condemning such institutions as corrupt when it suits their purpose, and then holding them up as models to be followed when they approve of the outcomes.

inciting violence

Nor, as Sarah pointed out, can you condone violence for one flank and condemn it for the other. And make no mistake, we are at war and as such our side must refuse to accept these terms of asymmetric conflict or it’s simply a suicide pact.


Fight back with every ounce of Righteous Indignation you can muster: No justice, no peace!

We didn’t make the rules, Alinsky did.