Wednesday, January 6, 2021

There Will Be No Unity Until Morale Improves

what a time to be aliveAs Kurt Schlichter (and others) predicted:

‘…I bet Georgia will go blue on January 6th – I hope I am wrong but, once again we have that classic triad at play, the confluence of rigging, GOP idiocy, and slobbering media tongue-bathing. So, the garbage Democrats will have a rickety hold on Congress and will try to break the filibuster, again forgetting how Ft. Sumpter worked out. It worked out poorly – history, not that our dillweed elite knows any, is full of stories about sides that won the first couple battles yet ended up with their fields sown with salt.’

But c’mon man! Once you develop a winning strategy….you deploy it every. single. time. the situation presents itself.

DeKalb County reports 'technical issues' with 19,000 votes left to count (burst waterline to follow)

Georgia Shocker: Warnock Beats Loeffler, Perdue Race Too Close to Call

Keeps the game interesting for us little pawns.


‘It’s hard to run a machine when the cogs you have nothing but contempt for quit turning.’

Operations Design in Technology Implementation | Moser ConsultingOr are corrupted

‘The idea that we might have some legitimate interests and policy preferences is outrageous and seditious and probably transphobic and generally doubleplusungood. We need to give them up and submit, er, unify.

After all, the purpose of this unity babble is to shut us up, to cause us to voluntarily submit, and to get out of the way of the leftist globalist reset desired by these corruptocrats, who match their soaring incompetence only with their inexplicable self-regard.’

corruption magnetsFrank Herbert, Dune

‘As for me, I’m not unifying. I’m going to burn everything I can to the ground. Show me an institution worth saving in its present form and I’ll show you an exception that proves the rule.’

burn it all down gif

In summary then:

‘Sinophilic geriatric weirdo Joe Biden* will almost certainly be sworn in this month, the ravings of the Twitter fantasists notwithstanding, but don’t ask me to treat His Fraudulence like anything but the vaguely aware interloper he is, occupying the White House solely due to a confluence of rigging, GOP idiocy, and slobbering media tongue-bathing.’

And in case this isn’t clear:

‘Unify this, jerks. We’re not interested in normalcy that equals serfdom.’

So yeah, there will be no unity until our morale improves.


Unfortunately I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

*All excerpts from Kurt Schlichter’s ‘Im Not Unifying’