Thursday, February 11, 2021

It’s Called “Projection” You Smug Bitch

How about this little gem for Throwback Thursday:

hillary trump conviction

The most un-self-aware woman in the country  has a lot of nerve talking about being exonerated – facts be hanged - thanks to your co-conspirators. In fact Hillary currently holds the record for that sort of thing, going all the way back to the now-you-see-them-now-you-don’t Rose Law Firm incriminating documents and the Vince Foster “incident” in which her close aide accidentally committed suicide by shooting himself in the back. The exonerations just heated up during her tenure as Secretary of State when her enemies tried to blame her reckless actions for the deaths of the 4 Americans in Benghazi.  When all the dust settled there was an acknowledgement that mistakes were made but once again Hillary was exonerated by friends in Congress and even more powerful friends in the media.

hill benghazi

Then there were all those illegal emails uncovered when she ran as the failed Presidential candidate. Co-conspirators again stepped to the podium to acquit the guilty. reasonable prosecutor

So I’m sure she thinks she knows a thing or two about how to manipulate facts and rely on the kindness of friends and co-conspirators in order to get off the hook.


It’s called “projection” you smug bitch, and you don’t wear it well.


BONUS Throwback Thursday Thread: because of all the bologna emanating from Washington, and because of our current diversionary tactic of  “follow me for more recipes” (H/T Rabbit)  I offer this vintage Mid-west lunchbox staple from an authentic butcher shop: ground bologna sandwich spread. 

My recipe is simpler: 1 ring of Koegel’s bologna, casing removed and grated through the large holes of a cheese grater. Dill pickle relish, a couple spoons-full to taste, Hellman’s mayonnaise – enough to make a moist spread. The end. Spread on white bread of your choice. Also good added to a grilled cheese sandwich.

I’ve no doubt many of you will find this disgusting, but then that’s how I feel about Spam so there’s no explaining some people’s taste.