Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Plow or Panda: The Choice Is Yours

For all of you in the path of this week’s Nor’Easter and still digging out, allow me to offer an alternative to ongoing snow removal:

Follow the panda’s lead and do your best to enjoy it.

Let them give you a little boost and maybe we’ll all make it over hump-day.


Just hang in there a bit longer

panda in tree

and it will soon be spring. Maybe we’ll be able to get together with our friends and family again without social distancing,

Britannia PR  on Twitter:

perhaps even go out for a meal as a group again.


Which will of course still be dangerous, as this panda-emic is here to stay, and don’t you forget it!

panda sushi chopsticksOMG! Talk about cultural appropriation! What’s wrong with these people?

So have fun in the snow but be safe! We don’t want you falling down…

panda that didn't work

you might hurt your head


and turn into a liberal. Now repeat after me: this is a dangerous Panda-emic that’s never going away.

Let’s be careful out there.