Monday, February 1, 2021

The Disinformation Age of the Imbeciles

It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so. – Mark Twain

Indeed, if everything your liberal friends know for sure:

were actually true…

  • Michael Brown was a gentle giant unjustifiably gunned down by a racist cop.

Hands Up! Don't Shoot!' | Sojourners

  • Matthew Shephard was murdered by a hate-filled rightwing homophobe, not an ex-boyfriend in a drug deal gone bad.
  • George Floyd did not die primarily from an overdose of fentanyl but was murdered by a racist cop.

george floyd can't breatheFentanyl will do that if you take enough. Also, the masks make it hard too.

  • Christine Blasey Ford was a totally credible witness
  • Justice Kavanaugh ran a red Solo cup rape line in college that nobody else ever heard of.
  • Jussie Smollet had a noose put around his neck and bleach thrown on him by a couple of MAGA hat wearing racists when he decided to go out for a sandwich in the middle of the night in the middle of an arctic freeze.
  • The Antifa/BLM riots this past year were “mostly peaceful protests.”

A Timeline of the George Floyd Protests - The New York Times

and so on and so on and so forth; why, no wonder they hate us!

Oh and just for the record: Jeffery Epstein still didn’t kill himself.

Jeffrey Epstein: Poll shows 45% of Americans think he was murdered -  Business Insider

You know what I think? I think we need a better fan club.

Although no amount of PR will address the problem that our side tends to believe the truth rather than the politically correct narrative carefully created and curated by the left. That will always be a problem.

mark twain